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Prescription Drug Plans

(Medicare Part D)
Monthly premiums with set deductibles, copays & coinsurance.

Prescription Drug Plans help pay the cost of outpatient prescriptions. Actual coverage costs vary depending on your medications, what tier they’re in, what pharmacy you use and whether you get Extra Help. Enter your Zip Code below to request more information on plan pricing in your area.

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Prescription Drug Plan

Supplement your Original Medicare Parts A & B or Part C with a stand-alone plan to cover prescription drugs. Pay a monthly premium with set deductibles, copays & coinsurance.

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Learn more about Prescription Drug Plans

What’s the Difference Between Original Medicare Part A and B Drug Coverage and Plan D?

When deciding whether to add Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to their Original Medicare plan, or switch to a Medicare Advantage plan offering Part D, it’s important to know which medications, and the medications used in specific treatments, are covered by Parts A and B.3

Medicine Covered Under Part A (Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans without Part D)

Medicare Part A may cover drugs given during treatment during a stay at a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Medicine Covered Under Part B (Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans without Part D)

Medicare Part B generally covers medicine that’s administered by a doctor during an office visit as part of a service. For example, a medication that requires an injection or infusion is usually covered by Part B. Drugs that can be taken by the patient without needing the assistance of a doctor, such as medications you get from the pharmacy, are generally not covered. Below is a list of services which Medicare Part B typically covers the drugs used during treatment:

  • Vaccinations (Flu, Hepatitis B, Pneumococcal)
  • Blood clotting factors with hemophilia
  • Conditions treated with durable medical equipment (such as infusion pump or nebulizer)

Medicine Covered Under Part D (Available Medicare Advantage plans or added to Original Medicare coverage)

In 2019, 45 million people with Medicare are currently enrolled in plans that provide the Medicare Part D benefit. Below are some of the general requirements a drug must meet to be covered by Medicare Part D:

  • Available only by prescription
  • Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Not covered by Medicare Part A or B
  • Used and sold in the United States
  • Used for a medically accepted indication, per the Social Security Act
  • Included on the plan’s Part D drug list or coverage approved through an appeals process or exception
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