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Medicare Advantage

(Medicare Part C)
Lower premiums. Higher out-of-pocket expenses. More benefits.

Medicare Advantage provides the same coverage as Medicare Parts A & B with added benefits and monthly premiums starting at $0. Enter your Zip Code below to see a selection of plans available in your area. We’ll show you their max out-of-pocket costs, copays and whether dental, vision, hearing and prescriptions are covered.

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Is Medicare Advantage Right for You?

Should you stay on Original Medicare Parts A & B and supplement with a Medigap and/or prescription drug policy? Or should you switch to Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C)? This is one of the most important questions you must answer when enrolling into Medicare. The answer depends on your personal healthcare needs and budget.

When considering Medicare Advantage, ask yourself:
  • Do you prefer to pay less up front in monthly premiums?
  • Are you comfortable with covering out-of-pocket costs as they arise?
  • Do you prefer having benefits like vision, dental, hearing or prescription drug coverage all in one plan?
  • Are you comfortable with being limited to seeing doctors in a specific network?
Need help answering these types of questions?

Reach out to a licensed insurance agent for a Medicare Savings Consultation. They’ll help you find a plan that doesn’t leave you paying more than you should or missing out on important benefits.

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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Begins Oct 15.

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